Bearing Basics: Extra Precision Bearings

- Feb 19, 2020-

Bearing Basics: Extra Precision Bearings


In some industrial jobs, standard bearings simply can’t provide the precision needed for the application. This is where extra precision bearings come into play. These bearings allow for extra fine tolerance and precision, and are ideal for applications with stringent requirements for speed (RPM) and guidance accuracy. There are two primary types of extra precision bearings: deep groove bearings and angular contact bearings.

Deep groove bearings include full shoulders on each side of the inner and outer ring raceways, allowing for the easy addition of seals or shields. These bearings can handle radial loads, thrust loads, or a combination of both. They are offered in many sizes, including miniature precision bearings, and are available various cage types. Extremely versatile, deep groove bearings are among the most widely used types of bearings.

Angular contact bearings have one complete ring shoulder; the other ring shoulder is partially or completely removed. This allows them to have a larger ball, which offers greater load capacity and speed capability. Various cage designs are also available to meet specific high-speed requirements. Contact bearings can support thrust loads or a combination of thrust and radial loads, but they can’t support radial loads alone. When implemented back-to-back or face-to-face, they can support thrust loads in both directions.

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